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Located at the southwest edge of Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is popular as god’s own country since 1800. With stunning landscapes, snow capped mountains, wild rivers, pristine lakes, spectacular springs and lively volcanoes, New Zealand validates itself being nicknamed as the ‘Paradise of the Pacific’. If you are looking for serene places on your vacation, a galore of forests, extensive coastline and isolated beaches are waiting for you in this island country, New Zealand.

New Zealand campervan holiday tour is a great opportunity to explore its diverse animal species including its national bird Kiwi. With OnRoadCampervan excellent campervan & motorhome hire service, we want to ensure that you see the best of the country has to offer to its visitors that too in a great comfort. To add in your convenience, our motorhome hire & campervan rental services sites are located across all major cities of the nation including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Napier, Tauranga, Dunedin, Palmerston North, Nelson, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Queenstown Whangarei. A campervan hire in New Zealand is an ideal way of discovering the geographical diversity and rich flora and fauna of the country.

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Budget Campervan & Motorhome Hire Holidays Tours New Zealand

Auckland to Queenstown: Embark on an unforgettable campervan or motorhome journey from New Zealand’s major international airport in Auckland to the picturesque destination of Queenstown. Begin your adventure in Auckland, known as the ‘City of Sails,’ where every third resident boasts their own boat. Take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the city from the iconic Sky Tower before venturing to the enchanting Waitomo Caves. Explore the mesmerizing limestone formations and if you’re up for an adventure, embark on a thrilling black water rafting expedition through the caves. Next, immerse yourself in New Zealand’s Maori culture and natural wonders in Rotorua, where highlights include the Agrodome and Rainbow Springs. As you continue your journey southward in your campervan rental, discover the captivating beauty of Queenstown. Don’t miss the opportunity to cruise through the majestic Milford and Doubtful Sounds, nestled within the Fiordland National Park, making for an unforgettable experience in Queenstown.

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Queenstown to Christchurch: Start on an exhilarating campervan rental journey from Queenstown to Christchurch, filled with unforgettable experiences along the way. While in Queenstown, indulge in a ‘Lord of the Rings’ tour, immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes that served as the backdrop for the iconic film series. As you traverse northward in your motorhome hire, parallel to the majestic Southern Alps, be sure to make a stop at Mt. Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand. Marvel at the breathtaking lakes and surrounding scenery, and take advantage of the dedicated hiking trails and cozy accommodation options available. Alternatively, enjoy the flexibility and comfort of your mobile home or campervan. Your final destination, Christchurch, affectionately known as the ‘Garden City,’ awaits with its charming architecture, serene gondola rides over the Avon River, historic trolleys, and vibrant botanical gardens. Explore the city’s cultural attractions and bask in the beauty of its lush greenery before concluding your unforgettable campervan holiday road trip.

Essential Driving Tips for Renting a Motorhome or Campervan in New Zealand

Driving a motorhome or campervan in New Zealand offers a unique and rewarding way to explore the country’s stunning landscapes. Here are some essential driving tips for motorhome and campervan hire in NZ:

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Vehicle: Before hitting the road, take the time to familiarize yourself with the motorhome or campervan. Understand its dimensions, including height, width, and length, as well as its features such as brakes, lights, mirrors, and controls.
  • Drive Safely and Responsibly: Observe New Zealand’s road rules and regulations, including speed limits, traffic signs, and road markings. Drive defensively, especially on narrow, winding roads and in adverse weather conditions.
  • Plan Your Routes in Advance: Plan your driving routes in advance, considering the size of your motorhome or campervan and any restrictions on certain roads or bridges. Use GPS navigation systems or maps to help navigate unfamiliar routes and destinations.
  • Be Mindful of Speed and Distance: Motorhomes and campervans may have different handling characteristics compared to passenger vehicles, so adjust your driving speed and following distance accordingly. Allow for greater stopping distances and avoid sudden maneuvers or abrupt braking.
  • Watch for Low Clearance and Overhanging Branches: Be cautious of low clearance areas such as bridges, tunnels, and overpasses, especially if your motorhome or campervan is taller than average. Watch out for overhanging branches or obstacles that may pose a risk of damage to your vehicle.
  • Check Weather Conditions: Keep an eye on weather forecasts and be prepared for changing weather conditions, especially in mountainous or coastal areas where weather can be unpredictable. Exercise caution when driving in rain, fog, or high winds.
  • Respect the Environment: Practice responsible camping and driving practices to minimize your impact on the environment. Dispose of waste properly, respect wildlife and natural habitats, and leave campsites and parking areas clean and tidy.

By following these driving tips and exercising caution and courtesy on the road, you can enjoy a safe and memorable motorhome rental or campervan rental adventure in New Zealand.

Where l can park campervan and motorhome rental in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, there are numerous options for parking campervans and motorhomes, providing travelers with flexibility and convenience as they explore the country’s breathtaking landscapes. Here are some common places where you can park your campervan rental or motorhome rental:

Holiday Parks and Campgrounds: New Zealand boasts a wide network of holiday parks and campgrounds, offering designated sites for campervans and motorhomes with various amenities. These facilities typically provide powered and non-powered sites, communal kitchens, bathrooms, laundry facilities, and sometimes additional features like playgrounds or swimming pools. Advance reservations are often recommended, especially during peak travel seasons.

Department of Conservation (DOC) Campsites: The Department of Conservation manages numerous campsites throughout New Zealand’s national parks, conservation areas, and scenic reserves. These campsites vary in terms of facilities, ranging from basic sites with minimal amenities to more developed sites with toilets, picnic tables, and water supply. Some DOC campsites require bookings, while others operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Freedom Camping Areas: New Zealand allows freedom camping in certain designated areas, providing opportunities for self-contained RV’s, campervans and motorhomes to park overnight in scenic locations. These freedom camping areas may have minimal or no facilities, so travelers must be fully self-contained with their own toilet, waste disposal, and water supply. It’s essential to follow local regulations and guidelines to ensure responsible camping practices.

Commercial Accommodation and Holiday Parks: In addition to traditional holiday parks, many commercial accommodations in New Zealand, such as hotels, motels, and lodges, offer facilities for RVs and motorhomes. These establishments may provide parking spaces, powered sites, and access to amenities such as showers, Wi-Fi, and dining options.

Scenic Reserves and Recreation Areas: Scenic reserves, regional parks, and recreation areas throughout New Zealand offer opportunities for camping and parking in picturesque settings. While facilities may vary, these locations often provide basic amenities like toilets, picnic areas, and hiking trails, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in nature.

Public Rest Areas and Roadside Stops: Along highways and major roads, travelers can find public rest areas and roadside stops where they can park their campervans or motorhomes for short breaks or overnight stays. These areas typically offer basic amenities such as toilets, picnic tables, and sometimes barbecue facilities.

Before parking your campervan or motorhome in any location, always check local regulations, signage, and any applicable fees or permits required. Additionally, practice responsible camping etiquette by respecting the environment, property rights, and local communities while enjoying your travels in New Zealand.

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