Finland Holidays with Campervan Rental

Humans have not spared Moon and Mars! So, do you think they might have spared something as exotic as found in this Scandinavian country? The answer is in affirmative! Shocked? Surprised? Not able to believe? You may feel that way. But, visit Finland with motorhome holidays and feel overwhelmed by experiencing nature which is untouched by bipeds. It is a country whose 80% of surface is covered by forests which has rare wild animals. With the excellent travel services as well as motorhome hire & campervan rental Finland services, tourists find it very easy and exciting to reach to this pure wildlife!

The country is situated in Northern Europe and shares its borders with Russia to its east, Norway to North, and Sweden to West. So, you can also choose one way motorhome or campervan rental drop-up location in Norway, Sweden and Iceland. It also houses almost 188,000 lakes which take into account around 10% of the country and the equal number of islands. This country is a deadly combination of pure nature and civilization thriving on cutting-edge technology! This tech-savvy culture still finds its refuge in summer cottages in the hot months and enjoy sauna, swimming, fishing and barbecuing with motorhome hire trip.

Ranua Wildlife Park: If you are all set for Finland motorhome or campervan hire, Ranua Wildlife Park in Lapland is a must visit place. It is open for every day of the year with its safari services. The park also accommodates various dimensions of wildlife with changing seasons as well. It is indeed a treat for tourists to observe Arctic animals round the year in the most authentic environment for the animals as possible. There are almost 50 wild animal species and 200 employees. A domestic animal park is also available in the park grounds in the summer.

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Campervan Holiday Rental Finland

Campervan & Motorhome Rental Holidays Tours in Finland

Camping Grounds & Campervan parks in Finland

As you know Finland is almost 80% covered by forest area, so Finns and visitors like camping and get away from home and hotels with campervan vehicles. You can find large number of camping grounds & campervan parks in the Finland, specially in Lapland, Oulu, Turku ja Pori, Hame, Åland Islands and Mikkeli region.

Campsites in Lapland: Ounaskoski, Gielllajohka, Aavasaksanilomakylä, Muotkan Ruoktu, Lomakylä Inari
Campsites in Oulu: Lentuankosken Leirintä, Rantatropiikki, Karhunkainalon Leitintäalue, Kiantajärvi

Motorhome Interior
Campervan Interior

Travel Tips for Campervan & Motorhome Hire Finland

  • Finland law demands you drive right hand side
  • Be vigilant while driving as there are chances of animals getting into your way
  • Road signs are in international symbols with occasional Finish phrases
  • Distance is mentioned in kilometers
  • Visit during December to February must have the vehicle equipped with snow tires
  • Headlight must be on during dusk, rain and foggy weather
  • No talk on cells please while driving
  • Do not worry about fuel stations as they are plenty of them around the country
  • Speed limits for city roads: 50 Km/h, for provincial roads 80-100 Km/h, and 120 Km/h for national highways and motorways
  • While driving on your own, 0.08% alcohol limit is permissible

Why select Motorhome hire Finland services offered by us?

While you are on your way to explore this untouched Nature beauty of Finland, it is better to hire a campervan, motorhome or rv (recreation vehicle). It not only gives you comfort, but also immense pleasure and fun to travel on such well-maintained roads. We at OnRoadCampervan have variety of vehicles for your travel needs in Finland. We will make your Finland trip an unforgettable experience!

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