Vital information about Campervan & Motorhome Rental

Campervan is the best way to explore Australia. You get freedom to do things at your own pace, sans any rigid timetable.

Campervan holiday is no longer about lumpy beds, uncomfortable bathrooms and paucity of home comforts. The present day campervans encompass European styled kitchens, roomy living areas, huge double beds and fully equipped bathrooms. What’s more, with power steering as well as automatic transmissions, they are so much easy to drive and take around.

With the array of choices vast, OnRoadCampervan have listed some important and informative pages for your reference. This will aid in making an informed choice.

Campervan, Motorhome & RV Definitions

If you are new to world of vehicles, lets us first explain terms such as campervan, RV (Recreational Vehicle), Motorhome and even 4 WD Campervans.

Campervans: These encompass 3, 2.5 and 2 berth vehicles. Majority have modern bathroom as well as kitchen facilities. Also you will get TVs & DVD players.

Motorhome: These are extreme luxury vehicles; usually long-wheel based. They offer the most copious living space. They can house large number of passengers. In most cases they have 6 or 4 berths. They are equipped with modern Kitchen appliances, hi- tech bath room facilities, air conditioning LCD TVs, DVD players etc. Some even have play stations.

Recreational Vehicles (RV’s): This term is used in North America for describing the above two vehicle sets.

4WD Campervans: These are 4 wheeled vans designed for namesake. The Toyota Land-Cruiser is most popular in this segment. These types have additional sleeping via tent extensions and some of them are able to accommodate 5 travellers. These are all diesel variants having manual transmissions. People intending to travel beaten tracks can expect this one to be the ideal choice.

What all facilities you will get on road?

Most of the vehicles come with all necessary utilities. Few things are common for all such as:

  • Kitchen: Cups & glasses, Plates & Bowls, Cutlery, cooking utensils, can opener, frying pan, tea pot and kettle, tea towels
  • Living: Dustpan and brush travel guides, Toilet chemicals, Fire Extinguisher, matches, vehicle guides, road maps, coat hangers, First Aid Kit, Bucket and hose.
  • Bedding: Pillows, sheets, Sleeping bags or Doona (duvets), bathroom towels. You are welcome to bring your own or use those provided. Note that Britz include Bedding in their Personal Kit.
What all is not available in a Campervan & Motorhome?
  • Outdoor chair
  • Outdoor table
  • Awnings
  • Tent
  • Fan Heater
  • baby Seats
  • Emergency Safety Kit
  • Satellite phone
Road Holiday Tips:
  • Always carry a torch and some spare batteries
  • Pack your clothes as well as belongings in soft cases. This will maximize storage space.
  • In case you leave your Campervan unattended on any powered Caravan Park site, disconnect the power cable
  • Save money as well as stress by having ample stock of provisions at start of the travel
  • Pre-purchase gas as well as fuel at subsidized rates

Various Campervan & Motorhome classes

  • 2 Berth Campervan: You have on offer wide vehicle choices with a double bed, fully equipped kitchen, toilet facilities usually along with an onboard shower option, unleaded petrol and turbo diesel engines having manual transmissions that are dependent on the supplier.
  • 2 Berth Motorhome: This has just 1 double bed, huge kitchen and onboard shower and toilet facilities.
  • 3 Berth Campervan: There is space for 2 adults and 1 child. There are no onboard bathroom facilities or Air-Conditioning/heating in the Driver’s cabin.
  • 3 Berth Motorhome: It has 1 double and 1 single bed, comprehensive kitchen, Air-Conditioning/heating, onboard shower and toilet and audio visual equipped.
  • 4 Berth Motorhome: This luxury vehicle includes 2 double beds, comprehensive kitchens, huge entertainment area, onboard shower and toilet facilities and air-Conditioning/heating. In most of the cases it is equipped with DVD players and LCD TV.
  • 6 Berth Motorhome: This is a hi-end luxury vehicle. It has 3 double beds, onboard shower and toilet facilities, comprehensive kitchen, and complete air-Conditioning/heating. The entertainment area is equipped with LCD TV as well as DVD players.

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