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Located in Southwestern Europe on Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe. It shares its borders with Atlantic Ocean to the West and with Spain to the North and East. But, we won’t bore you with this much! All you love birds out there; Portugal has some great news for you! Yes! It is considered to be the most romantic holiday in the world. Now, you will be obviously asking why? Let us have a look at those romantic escapes with motorhome hire & campervan rental in Portugal.

Romance in Portugal: One of the obvious reasons why Portugal is the most romantic destination in the world is vast ocean! Where there is sea, there is bound to be poetry and love! It is the sea which has taught this nation how to please the guests warmly and heartily! You visit the idyllic town of Bussaco, majestic palaces, country estates or manor houses; you will feel the warm welcome by the people and the gorgeous sea. To have romantic feeling, you can take motorhome rental or campervan hire in Portugal from Lisbon, Porto & Faro

It is also light and colors that lure poets and lovers to this country. The air of romance can be felt anywhere in the country including in a narrow street in Alfama, in Lisbon, in the Ribeira district by the riverside in Porto, or on the plains of a Pousada in the Alentejo.

The Peneda-Gerês National Park: Experience the spirit of adventure with Portugal motorhome hire services in this National park of the country. The park has unique natural surroundings and species like wild ponies, golden eagles and the Castro Laboreiro dog breed. The castles of villages Lindoso and Soajo provide excellent views over the hills.

There are plenty of campervans, motorhomes and recreational vehicles opportunities offered by dams and the reservoirs. The spirit of adventure is boosted by moving on motorhome hire holiday trip and opportunities of canoeing, bicycle and horse riding or hill walking. You can also camp or park campervan near a river and also enjoy swimming, and streams to be available at your service on your way!

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Motorhome Rental Traveling Tips in Portugal
  • Always carry a driving license, vehicle registration document and certificate of motor insurance
  • Carry a passport to validate the license
  • If a vehicle is not registered in your name, keep a letter from the owner who is letting you drive
  • Alcohol limit is 0.5%. Be prepared for hefty penalty, imprisonment or cancellation of license in case of violation of this
  • Do not carry fuel even in small cans
  • Compulsory seat belts for both – front and rear occupants
  • Visibility Vests are now compulsory in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain
Campervan rental Portugal
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Why Campervan hire services in Portugal ?

The spirit of both – traveling and Portugal is something which is very close to our heart! Our campervans rental and motorhome hire are very well-equipped to take care of all your needs while traveling. You are surely going to feel at home away from home with campervans services provided by OnRoadCampervan. You can also take one way campervan rental to neighboring countries; Spain, Germany, Italy & France.

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