OnRoadCamperVan cares to protect you from any danger either on the road or off the road!

  • Introduction:

In order to process your camper van booking and to execute subsequent services smoothly, we collect information about you. You may voluntarily share with us details such as: your name, residential address, e-mail id, driver’s license number, phone number, office address, your location etc.

Our privacy policy states that the moment you request services from us or browse our website, you agree to our collection, retention and use of your personal data as per our standards.

  • How we collect data?

We have a secure encryption connection to take care of your personal data. The information that you provide us is necessary just because it will help us better to serve you in the best possible manner as well as to protect our legal rights or interests or is demanded by law.

At times, we may request you to give your feedback so that we can improve our services. It is also possible that we may approach you directly to collect your personal information. If we have used third-party sources to collect the information, we will make sure that you are aware of it.

  • How the data is used?
    • To provide you with the best services in accordance with the applicable conditions
    • We do reserve our right to access and disclose your information to confirm to the laws of the land
    • Instances where we may reveal your personal information: lawful government requests, police investigations into suspected activities
    • We also use your data to operate our systems correctly
    • To protect ourselves and the other website users

We make sure that the data that we retain about you is as accurate, current and complete as necessary for our purpose. The duration of retention of your data depends upon the requirement of the law or the business.

  • Use of cookies:

Cookies are one of the technologies that we use to collect your data. Basically, a “cookie” is a set of data that our web server sends to your computer. In return, that set data facilitates our web server to identify your work station.

  • Why we use cookies?
    • To collect statistics
    • To improve the quality of your visits
    • To make the reservation process faster and smoother
    • To track your usage of website during a single visit
    • It also helps us remember the data visitors provide us

If you are not comfortable with the use of cookies, you can disable it as most browsers are set to accept cookies.

  • Our security policy

We have a booking server that uses 128 bit encryption which undoubtedly represents the highest security. As soon as the visitor enters her personal as well as financial information via the secure server, details will be held in an encrypted format.

We hope that this privacy policy does answers many of your doubts and questions regarding the security and protection of your data. But, if you still have any further doubts, get in touch with us and click here.

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