Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to give you some more clarifications on our camper van renting services. We are unarguably the best in the field as the best minds of the industry relentlessly work with us. These professionals go beyond their ability and chart out the best camper vans for your comfort and pleasure. Let us have a look at some of the frequently asked questions:

1)      Are you hiring a camper van for the first time?

Not to get worried at all, if it is your first time camping! Our staff has expertise in getting you go with the van without any discomfort. They will make sure that you get adequate grip and essential technical knowledge of handling a camper van! So, you are safe in our hands!

2)      Are living and cooking equipments are accommodated in the camper vans?

By all means yes! All our camper vans have duvet, sheets, pillows/cases, towels, cutlery, crockery, and all other essential things for a normal life.

3)      Do you have any stipulated minimum hire period for a camper van?

Normally, camper vans can be hired for minimum seven days. But, it still depends on your priority and we can negotiate the time period if it is a win-win deal!

4)      What is the minimum age to be able to drive a camper van?

Generally speaking, the minimum age should be 21 years. But, depending upon the country, the location which you want to explore, this may have some variations. So, best idea would be to contact us and let us know where you want to travel. Depending upon that, we will be able to tell you exactly of what age you should be to drive a camper van! At certain places, under age drivers are charged a surcharge or may be requested to deposit a higher bond!

5)      Is there any policy to refund for unutilized days?

Well, this is a bit difficult for us to grant for the simple reason that it is not possible to rent the vans to others over the unused period. So, it is a clear loss to us. Therefore, in order to cope up with such emergency, we always recommend our campers to go for travel insurance which covers shortened period of holiday and early return because of circumstances that were not expected before!

6)      Is it possible to extend the period of rental?

Once your rental has started, you need to contact us immediately. If there is availability, there is as such no problem for extension. But, there may be higher charges for it and it also depends upon the season and vehicle type. So, the extension is dependent upon these factors.

7)      Is there any need to have a special license to hire a campervan?

Standard driver’s license is enough provided you have acquired it at least for one year. Also, it needs to be in English. If it is not in English, there will be a requirement of International Driver’s license as well.

Please feel free to get in touch with us directly, if any of your questions are still not answered in this list! We are happy to be at your service any time!

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