The ancient city of Rome treasures in itself numerous idyllic and quaint spots of historical interest that will leave you marveling about the exceptional creative proficiency of Italians of antiquity. The city is interspersed with tasteful works of art, apart from being the seat of the Catholic religion. OnRoadCampervan offer you the convenience to savor the timeless beauty of Roman landmarks from the comfort of an amenity stuffed luxurious motorhome hire and campervan rental at your own pace.

Campervan & Motorhome Rental Holidays Tours Rome in Italy

Reason to Visit Rome with Campervan & Motorhome Rental

The Vatican: The venerable seat of Christianity, the dictates originating from which becomes the command for Christians worldwide. The museums capture the revered history of the flourishing of Christianity through the meticulous collection of items that piece together the development. You can catch a glimpse of the Pope at the Sistine Chapel.

Coliseum: The grand structure may have fallen into ruins, but the moment you set foot in this awe-inspiring structure, you will be transported to the Golden age of the Roman empire. Visualize the ghastly fights between the gladiators and the beasts. The grandness of the structure will enthrall you.

Food & Shopping: The camp of the flowers is an oasis for tourists looking to grab a bite of the famed Italian food for the trip or just interact with the locals purchasing from the traditional outdoor market. This is located in close proximity to Piazza Navona. Be early as the shops pull down their shutter by lunchtime.

Gaeta and Naples: The pristine beaches of the Amalfi Coast and the historic sites of Gaeta, Pompii standing tall in its unalloyed resplendence falls south of Rome. Another place of interest is the Vesuvius National Park.

Pisa: The Leaning tower of Pisa can be reached through the northern coastal route which features breathtaking panorama of idyllic beaches. Versilia is beaming with thrilling nightlife that will usher you into the modern Italy.

Fun tours: Pose alongside the gladiators holding majestically the plastic shields and have your snaps captured to cherish for a lifetime. Rome is teeming with attractions which you can explore by taking a tour on your motorhome rental.

Motorhome Suppliers in Rome from OnRoadCampervan

OnRoadCampervan brings at your disposal the most comprehensive collection of campervans & motorhomes by entering into strategic alliances with leading providers like VanItaly, Motorhomes Italy, StarDrive, EuroMotorhome, Pure Motorhome etc. The interiors are decked with contemporary furnishings and accessories to facilitate easy access to all the necessities of a comfortable journey within Rome from a single point. It is ever willing to walk the extra mile for extending any odd assistance to simplify your selection process. Well-maintained vehicles, hospitable staff and top notch services have helped us retain our identity among a wide array of esteemed clients.

Driving Conditions & Travel Tips

Rome sits on the central point of the regional road system and you can undertake tours to all major attractions at ease. You need not be constrained by petrol shortage as petrol stations are abounding on all the routes.

Be mindful of speed limits. Drive safely at 50 KPH on urban roads, 70-90 KPH on state roads and 130-150 KPH on motorways. Italian police is always on vigil, so adhere to the alcohol limit of 0.5% to avoid running into a quandary. You should drive on the road’s right side and abstain from using phone while driving. You will get rapid response from operators in the event of a breakdown. Motorhome hire & campervan rental in Rome can be conveniently used as motorhome parks are accessible all along the route and you can break your journey for a respite with ease. The average European prices for fuel apply.

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