5 Must-Watch-Before-You-Die Destinations of Sweden

Planning your next holiday in Sweden? If yes, you have just made a fantastic choice. The Scandinavian country is home to a myriad of incredibly beautiful destinations. Here we have brought to you top 5 of the most stunning sites in Sweden.

5 Sweden destinations you must visit while holidaying in the country

Stockholm Archipelago
The largest archipelago of Sweden, Stockholm Archipelago is a nature’s jewel. Home to 3000 islands, rocks and islets, the archipelago is just a few minutes away from the Stockholm city. It offers tourists with a huge bunch of excursions like boating, kayaking, swimming and seal safaris. Or you can just lie down watching spectacular cliffs and white sand at one of the beaches. To make the travel most enthralling and fun-filled, hire a campervan!

Aurora Sky Station
Situated on Mount Nuolja in Abisko National Park, Aurora Sky Station is the best place in the world to watch Northern Lights. Also called Abisko Sky Station, the place is located 900 meters above the sea level with a clear sky. The place offers guided tours to northern lights exhibition; the tour begins with a scenic chair-lift sail trip to the station.

While it seems quite dark outside with complete serenity in the environment, you will eventually see a sky full of stars – a vista you would have never seen before! The place has a good souvenir shop and a comfy café too.

Situated on the spectacular island of Djurgården, this maritime museum showcases the warship Vasa, a huge ship that sank in a few minutes of its departure due to its heavy weight while on its first journey in 1628. The Warship Vasa was found in 1961 in almost intact condition and since then it is put to display with some carved sculptures in the museum. With more than 1 million visitors a year, Vasamuseet is the most popular museum in Scandinavia. The museum also exhibits films demonstrating life on board the ship.

Once a dynamic industrial landscape, Industrilandskapet is a place to step back in time and get insight into old Sweden that was home to kimröksfabriker, water horses and Lokomobil stables in one of its museums. Take a walk at this peaceful place exploring its well-preserved buildings, canals, structures, former factories, a historical industrial park, etc. The waterfall known as Kungsfallet is a major attraction at this abandoned yet captivating industrial landscape.

After the city of Stockholm, Gothenburg (or ‘Goteborg’) is the second most visited city of Sweden. With best of seafood, chic cafes, world-class accommodation, a plethora of artscapes, year-round events and a breathtaking coastline, Gothenburg tops the list of travelers and food bloggers from all across the world. Visit this unspoiled green landscape of west coast Sweden on your next holiday for a bunch of lifetime memories.

A visit to Sweden is more about soaking up the magnificent beauty of its archipelago and charming towns. Book your campervan hire Sweden and enjoy driving its vast spellbinding landscapes, tucking into its mouth-watering food and unfolding its rich history. Don’t miss enjoying a tram ride please!