An Exciting and Memorable Road Trip around Switzerland

Craving for a perfect road trip on your Switzerland holidays? You have come to the right place. In this post, we have revealed a 390 mile long fun-filled and fantastic road trip across Switzerland that certainly can be claimed as the best road trip one can have while holidaying in this incredibly beautiful European country.

Experts recommend booking your campervan rental Switzerland online well before you leave for the trip. The journey begins at Lake Lucerne, the place where the origin of the country lies, followed by the stunning Lauterbrunnen Valley, the chocolate and cheese kingdom of La Gruyère, the majestic charm of the Aletsch Glacier, and the breathtaking Val Müstair.

lake lucerne road trip

Step back into the history at Lake Lucerne

If you are a history buff and want to step back in time to witness the early Switzerland, You must visit Lake Lucerne during your trip to the country. There are many legends prevailing about the place, but most of them are just a myth, says a travel expert. For the perfect view of the lake, climb up to the Fronalpstock, overlooking the lake from just a mile away.

Located close to the shore is a small patch of greenery encircled by dark forest. It is Rütli, the place where the origins of the confederation took their oath. This green meadow near a mountain lake is the place where the fight for freedom begun in the country.

Explore the most magnificent alpine scenery at Lauterbrunnen Valley

When you are roaming around in the Swiss Alps, you are bound to see breathtaking scenery throughout, but Lauterbrunnen valley amazes everyone who visits it. On both sides of this expansive valley are spectacular cliffs climbing up to 300 meters till they meet the woody slopes.

Situated on a clear landscape at the eastern edge of the valley is a picturesque village of Wengen. Other major highlights of the region include the chalets of Mürren in the west and 72 waterfalls flowing through the cliffs behind Wengen village.

Have you seen the famous movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’? The scenes of the movie are inspired by the valley’s nature setting. Unlike earlier days, today you can explore the valley in many different ways, such as you can travel around by a cable car, a railway or walk on foot.

lauterbrunnen valley

Visit the supermall of cheese and chocolate at La Gruyère

Yes, chocolate and cheese are the specialists of La Gruyere. Cailler chocolate is the oldest brand of the nation. Spare time for a factory visit, which is located outside the village of Broc, and reveal a full range of Cailler chocolates. Don’t hesitate if you want to take more than one piece from every single tray while in the last room of the factory. Swiss people eat highest 12 kilos of chocolate per year.

Don’t return home without trying Gruyère cheese and Vacherin from an old dairy named a fromageried’alpage located on the mountain slopes of Moléson. Don’t get amazed when you see most snuggly contented cows you probably will not see at any other place in the world. Pay a visit to the 13th century castle in a pretty-looking hilltop town of Gruyères.

Aletsch Glacier is the most awe-inspiring descendant of the ice fields in the country

Glaciers all over the world are susceptible to shrink over time and the Aletsch glacier isn’t an exception to this. However, in the current time, it is just a fraction of the actual length it gained at the peak of the ice age, approximately twenty thousand years ago. You can take help of a local guide to go closer to a place where snowfall fallen before hundreds years has turned into the ice.

Travel Val Müstair!

Val Müstair is one of those rare valleys in the world where you will find locals speaking Romansch language, a descendant of Latin. The six villages of the valley seems to have a world of its own – another country within the Switzerland. The Benedictine Convent of St John in the village of Müstair has been rewarded by the UNESCO as a word heritage site. The place has a plethora of pleasant surprises that will add a whole bunch of unforgettable memories to your trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your motorhome hire Switzerland and get set for a wonderful and lifetime mesmerizing trip!