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Enjoy Your Winter Holidays in North Island

Winter Holidays are best time to take your children and family to North Island, New Zealand. Bubbling mud pools, thermal springs and snow-capped mountains are the major draws of its landmass. Looking at the tourist rush during winter holidays,

I would recommend you to book your campervan at the North Island for collection on arrival.New Zealandmerits a visit and if you hire a campervan, you are bound to have blast with your kids, family or friends.

Below are some unforgettable sights On North Island, which are must-see before you die:


It is the most populous and largest cosmopolitan city inNorth Island. I had a life-long desire to board America’s Cup Yacht at the bustling harbourfront of the Auckland and I fulfilled my dream last year. The panoramic views of the city from the Sky City Tower, first time experience of bungee jumping, and a visit to Auckland Zoo will definitely impress you and your passengers on board.

Coromandel Peninsular

The Coromandel Peninsular is a shoreline featuring beautiful rainforests, spectacular golden hue beaches and plenty of other nature’s wonderment. The area sometimes becomes foggy too. Hot water Beach is very famous amongst the foreign visitors as well as locals.

Waitomo Caves

A right place to go for Black water rafting wearing huge rubber rings. Walking smoothly through the historical caves is an enthralling experience in itself, especially when you will see glowing worms pointing the rooftop of these caves.


Situated on the coastline of a gigantic Caldera lake, Rotarua is a spa city where eruption occurs so frequently due to Sulphuric geysers. Enjoy a delicious traditional dish at a Maori village and learn about Maori life from locals.


This Kiwi Conversation Centre is a perfect place for a family day out. You can see kiwis jumping around their open nightly house and scavenging for food. The authorities have put maximum efforts to create an aboriginal environment for Kiwis.

Lake Taupo

It is the largest lake of the country and a place to go for abundance of excursions including hiking, sky diving, fishing, water sports and sailing. You will also find ancient Maori rock formations.

Huka Falls Jet Boat

Go for a roller-coaster boat ride stretching over length and breadth of this lovely river, accompanied by steep rock cliff face, aboriginal hot springs, elegant waterfalls and many other natural sights.

 Mount Taranaki

This 2518 m large volcano reminds me of Japan’s Mt Fuji. The itinerary is not amongst the common and famous ones, but you will surely enjoy surfing and swimming moments at the beach of this striking town.


Napier is home to a statue on Marine Parade called Pania of the Reef, which is the highest time photographed tourist site in New Zealand.  The town also boasts of 1930s Art deco architecture. If you’re visiting the site in February, you may attend an art deco weekend event be a part of their celebrations.


Being a capital city, Wellington features all amenities and attractions of a metropolitan hub. However, the city serves as a great escape from the lively cosmopolitan life. Te Papa Museum, Kaori Bird Sanctuary and a magical oasis are some major highlights of this tourist attraction.

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