The Iceland Highlights

If you want to explore the best of Iceland, Europe’s most northern country, you have just come to the right page. Iceland is home to picture-perfect nature’s phenomena including mountains, lagoons, fjords, glaciers, waterfalls and quintessential villages that are rare to find at any other place on the earth.

And the best way to get real close with these wonders of the nature is exploring the landscapes in a campervan hire Iceland. From Reykjavik in the West to the Westfjords in the extreme north of the country, the below guide will draw your attention to the major travel highlights of the West and North regions of the country.

Iceland campervan trip

Reykjavik: Begin your Icelandic Voyage in the charming capital
Iceland’s magnificent coastal capital, Reykjavik is a fascinating and young cosmopolitan city that still manages to look like a seaside town to its locals and visitors. Yes, you heard it right; the Icelandic capital offers the best of both the worlds. Friendly locals and unspoilt natural attractions make the city a most sought-after destination amongst travel enthusiasts from across the world.

The downtown has a great nightlife and is known for its expensive craft beers. The city hosts a number of art, nature and cultural events throughout the year keeping it alive for both locals and visitors year-round. Sights of fireworks, bonfires and rejoicing crowds will make you return home with new energy. Indeed the city has magical splendor that leave none of its visitors untouched!

You must visit Nauthólsvík, a thermal beach, which is located just 15 minutes from the center of the capital. Or head down to the small, wobbly islet of Grotta located in the north-westernmost edge of the capital where the mainland hugs the freezing waters in the sea. Nature lovers can go for bird-watching and explore panoramic views of the mountains in the neighborhood of Reykjavik.

The Snæfellsnes peninsula: Visit a Crown Jewel of Western Iceland
Home to wonderful snæfellsjökull glacier, mountains, bird cliffs, volcano peaks, white and black sandy beaches, green valleys, lakes, fjords, fishing towns and salmon rivers, the 90-km long stretch of Snæfellsnes peninsula is more like a micro-version of the country.

The incredibly beautiful landscape of the Snæfellsnes peninsula have inspired many photographers, nature lovers and travel enthusiasts from all around the world since the release of Jules Verne’s novel – “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. If you are moving from the west Iceland to the northern coast of the country, you will pass splendid-looking lave fields, bird sanctuaries and horse farms that are worth a visit.

Westfjords: Explore the northwestern edge of Iceland
Westfjords is indeed a best kept secret of the country. Its unspoilt nature and presence of less touristy crowds make the place a must-watch for any avid traveler. Hornstrandir in the northernmost edge of Westfjords is a nature’s reserve, which inhabit arctic foxes and different bird species. You can enjoy hiking, go on bird-watching tour or simply take a stroll around soaking up the raw nature beauty.

The magnificent waterfalls of Dynjandi which flow from the height of 100 meters and the enormous bird-cliff of Látrabjarg are other must-visit destinations in Westfjords. The Látrabjarg birdcliff sees about half of world’s total population of several bird species. History and culture are strongly weaved in the lifestyle of locals here.

Pay a visit to the magical island of Drangey and go river-rafting at the Austari Jökulsá glacier river. If you are going to travel further in the east then make sure you try Iceland’s best ice-cream at the town of Akureyri. No tour to northern Iceland is complete without visiting Myvatn lake home to impressive waterfalls, rock formations, thermal baths, geothermal caves, green lakeside trails and bird museum.