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Unlovely Neighbor Port Elizabeth A Hidden Beauty of South Africa

Discover the hidden crown jewel of South Africa

If you are a true lover of Port Elizabeth, one of the largest cities of South Africa which is located in Cape Province and nicknamed as ‘PE’, ‘the windy city’, and ‘the friendly city’, it means you enjoy the beaches and bonhomie amidst the postindustrial despair.

A renowned consultant geologist Tim Hopwood recently left Port Elizabeth. And for the individuals who have already visited this city, it’s not at all a big job to know the reason behind his move. For those not aware, Tim is also an acclaimed person in many fields. For example, he is a famous art photographer and a singer-songwriter.

Often the views and vistas PE has on offer make it an unattractive neighbor of the other South African cities like Cape Town, Durban and George. But when it is about a one day international cricket tournament at St. George or the annual Ironman South Africa triathlon event, PE does make the headline. And this is the time of the year when the Hobie beach, the Shamwari game reserve and some idiosyncratic Settler architecture of this not-so-famous South African city are shown by TV channels.

Port Elizabeth garden route

Art, culture

Geographically, PE is rewarded as the fourth biggest city of the country, but it is damn remote, almost 800 km from Cape Town, 1100 km from Johannesburg and 665 km away from the Bloemfontein’s city lights.

But at the same time, the city is large enough to have its independent sound economic status, traditions and culture. And campervan rental is the best way to get around the city and its surroundings to explore everything it has on offer for its visitors in ultimate style and comfort.

According to Time, the city is known for its cultural scenes that are not entirely unfair. In fact, there are musical shows and middle-of-the-road tastes in plenty. The place has a myriad of paintings of wildlife art and of Tuscany’s picture-perfect landscapes. The culture value is abounding, but still undiscovered.

PE in conjunction with its townships has population of 1.2 million; you can see an amazing mix of black and white communities, who together exhibit a great diversity in fashion, but portray a proud economic heritage. As claimed by many of the world’s leading photographers, the biggest strength of Port Elizabeth is its quality of being natural always, without pretensions.

While the best way to explore and experience PE is booking a campervan rental in South Africa well before your arrival, make sure you don’t return home without paying a visit to the following 6 tourist sites:

  • Garden Route – It is an ideal place for beach lovers. It is famous worldwide for its ecological diversity and breathtaking natural scenes.
  • The bell tower – Built in the early 20th century, this iconic landmark is a perfect place to swim in the panoramic views of the entire city from the height of 52 meters.
  • City Hall Port Elisabeth – This magnificent colonial style building or a famous national monument is worth visiting once and again.
  • St George Park – It is the oldest park in the city and home to a compelling art gallery and an open-air theatre.
  • Algoa bay – On this spectacular bay, you can enjoy exciting water sports such as fishing, windsurfing, kite boarding and scuba diving. You can also go on a dolphin and whale-watching tours.
  • Addo Elephant National Park – It is one of the best places on earth to discover the lives of wild elephants.

So, when are traveling to PE? Book your campervan rental in Port Elizabeth, South Africa today!