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You have been planning a road trip for some time, then it is certainly a great idea to rent a campervan as you can explore different sights, natural beauty and all the attractions at your own leisure and never be bound to time schedules and tour itineraries. OnRoadCampervan is a leading RV rental provider in Whitehorse. So, if you look for campervan rental that comes well equipped with basic and modern amenities, then you should certainly look no further than OnRoadCampervan. With our motorhome hire, you are always flexible during the tour and can deviate readily from any particular route if you wish to explore something truly unique and enjoy some new fun activity. Another great thing about our campervans is that we charge all our clients quite reasonably and at the same time, do not negotiate with any of the basic facilities or amenities.

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Campervan & Motorhome Rental Holidays Tour Whitehorse

Discover Beautiful Locations with Whitehorse Motorhome!

Whitehorse is Yukon’s capital city and has been a provincial capital since the year 1953. Whitehorse is quite scantily population with only about 24,000 people living here and is nestled peacefully on the banks of the Yukon River. Whitehorse is also the driest city in Canada and home to sprawling outdoor areas and is much popular among RV drivers across North America. When you hire a motorhome or campervan through us in WhiteHorse, you get to explore Yukon from a completely new perspective. There are quite a few camping sites here so that you can rest and relax at the end of the day even as you soak in the beautiful sights on the route.

RV rental Interior Whitehorse
Whitehorse RV rental interior

Bliss of Camping in Whitehorse

When you plan to go camping Whitehorse, a great option you have is the Robert Service Campground situated ideally on the aggressive Yukon River’s banks. This is like a oasis in the beautiful city and just about a couple of minutes’ drive from Whitehorse downtown. If you prefer walking, then spend 15 minutes on foot as you pass by the scenic Millennium Trial along Yukon river, which is a meeting point for tourists as well as locals. This campsite is equipped with several amenities like a fire pit, picnic table and is enveloped with lush pine and spruce trees. The campground is well equipped with firewood, drinking wood, clean bathrooms, hot showers and the location itself is quite calm and peaceful and an ideal retreat for a camping enthusiast.

Highly Recommended Campervan & Motorhome Drives for Tourists

Watson Lake: The Watson Lake is a great place to discover when you go campervan driving in Whitehorse. On this route, you can visit the beautiful Signpost Forest. Watson Lake offers a calm drive from Whitehorse city and can be easily completed in your campervan, which comes well equipped. Once you arrive at the destination, you can soak in the southern –most located area of Yukon and relax at the Downtown Camping Campervan Park found at the Watson Lake.

Dawson City: The drive all the way to the ancient Klondike town from Whitehorse is a truly mesmerizing one. It was a gold rush area some years ago but now is a historic site, recognized nationally. Campervan drivers can halt at the Goldrush Campground & Touring Van Park or the Bonanza Motel & Resort Park in Whitehorse.

Kluane National Park: Kluane National Park is where you can take in the mighty mountains surrounding this national park. It forms a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

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