Affordable RV Rental in Halifax – Explore Nova Scotia in Comfort

Halifax is located at Canada’s East Coast and is the capital city of Nova Scotia. A modern port city, it is also the largest of all the metropolitan hubs in the Atlantic Provinces and boasts of a natural harbor (one of the best in the world) along with an enviable maritime history. A perfect blend of old and new, this place is a delight and offers various activities for everyone on motorhome holidays.

The serene locales with picture-perfect sceneries are the best deal if you want to go hiking, camping or simply taking a stroll. All this makes RV, motorhome and campervan Hire Halifax one of the most sought-after options for tourists.

However, the place has limited options when it comes to public transport, leaving you with no other option better than hiring a motorhome or campervan rental on Halifax holidays. You can rent motorhome service to enjoy the bays, beaches and picturesque beauty of Halifax all round the year.

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Discover Nearby Halifax with Campervan & Motorhome Hire Tours

Motorhome Hire & Campervan Rental for Halifax Tour

Fisherman’s Cove: As the name suggests, Fisherman’s Cove is a fishing village situated 15 minutes campervan drive from downtown Halifax. A delight for those of you who are into marine stuff like – local marine handicrafts, aboriginal jewellery and much more. Enjoy a lavish seafood spread at various restaurants and diners, walk down the 1.5 kms long broadwalk, take tour to McNab’s and Lawlor’s islands or choose to go for deep sea diving.

Peggy’s Cove: Peggy’s cove with its trademark lighthouse is one of the main highlights of Halifax. Its breathtaking scenic beauty comprises of granite rocks and cliffs and makes for a perfect camping destination for tourists. Its half an hour motorhome hire drive from Hailfax downtown toward south.

Halifax RV interior
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St Margaret’s Bay: St.Margaret’s Bay is just an hour’s campervan or motorhome drive from Halifax. This place with scenic beauty has numerous islands and towns. You will find excellent RV accommodation in Kentville – the same place where the South Mountain Park Family Camping & RV Resort is located , making it ideal for those who have chosen the option of RV Rental Halifax.

Highway 3: Touring Halifax would be incomplete without heading to Highway 3 – a two-lane highway situated near the coasts. Needless to say, it’s beauty is breathtaking and is perfect for long drives with your family or friends.

Safe Driving Tips Before Hiring Campervan, Motorhome or RV in Halifax

  • Traffic drives on the left in Halifax
  • Making use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited
  • The AA is NOT able to respond quickly as in the other parts of the country
  • The alcohol limit is restricted to 0.08 percent
  • The highways are heavily policed
  • Petrol stations are not as much in number as in the other parts of the country
  • The maximum speed limits are – 70-90 Km/h on provincial roads; 50-80 Km/h on urban roads and 80-110 Km/h on National roads and highways

These are some of the safety norms in Halifax. Keep these in mind and enjoy your perfect vacation in Alberta! So, the next time you are about to set on a vacation, do think about Halifax and how you can discover its maximum beauty by in your hired Motorhome, Campervan or RV (recreational vehcile)!

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