Similar to the other cities of Germany Frankfurt blends old charm of Germany with modern development. As the city adapted to high rise glass and steel structures, it did not lose touch with its old charm, the timber houses made to sustain cold weather and snowfall. Frankfurt offers you everything for motorhome and campervan holiday trip, including the hurly burly city life and serenity of tranquil calm of the nature. So, if you are on a business trip, don’t forget to unwind in the natural places surrounding this historical and city and cultural heartland of Europe. It’s developed as a leading commercial center and a cosmopolitan city with almost all the amenities, an entrepreneur needs.

Campervan & Motorhome Rental Holidays Tours in Frankfurt, Germany

Campervan & Motorhome from Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt is one of the leading financial center in the world, which make Frankfurt Airport as third busiest airport in Europe. The popular German airlines, Lufthansa has its head office in Frankfurt. The city also hosts many prominent international trade fairs, conferences and meets. Frankfurt Airport is already has huge investment and expansion plan, projected to be completed in the next 20 years. From Airport, one way and two way motorhome hire and campervan rental in Frankfurt is available for each part of the Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy and Portugal.

Recommended Camping Sites for Motorhome rental Frankfurt

Campingplatz: This camping ground is situated alongside river Nidda in the northern part of the city. There is a nature reserve just besides the camping ground. This sprawling ground is spread over 24,000 sq mt area and has almost all facilities you may need including net cafe’, restaurant and swimming pool. Located at a 15 minutes motorhome drive from the airport, the camping ground has an underground passage that takes barely four minutes to reach the city center.

Dreieich-Offenthal: From Frankfurt airport, drive your motorhome or campervan hire to this camping site. Dreieich-Offenthal amid the lush green nature alongside Rhein Main. You can easily reach the Dreieich city, a suburban town of Frankfurt from here.

The castle of Hayn, a trekking and hiking destination is just 5 km camper drive from here. The camping site has amenities such as lounge area, washing room, and outdoor swimming pool etc.

Reason to Choose Campervan Hire & Motorhome Rental

Goethe House: The remarkable medieval landmark, which was an abode of the affluent Germans, two centuries ago and it is also the place where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe took birth.

Römer town hall and Römerberg square: The old city of Frankfurt has houses made of timber, which were renovated in 1986. This is the place where commercial activities started for the first time, leading Frankfurt to become a financial hub later on.

St Paul’s Church: An 18th century church that is Germany’s symbol of freedom, and a landmark where first democratic activities started in Germany. It became the first site for German National Assembly back in the mid 19th century.

Sachsenhausen: Frankfurt’s eating paradise, it is a must visit place where you can find numerous fast food joints and restaurants where you can enjoy local as well as international delicacies. It’s also crowded by musical centers and pubs.

German Sausages: Don’t forget to eat the extremely popular German sausages, the encased meats. There are at least 15,000 delicious varieties of sausages here.

Driving Conditions & Travel Tips for Frankfurt Motorhome

Frankfurt is the junction of many autobahns, the freeways. The prominent ones include A-3, linking to Köln and famous Nürnberg, and A-5, leading you to Basel via Giessen and Heidelberg. campervan, motorhome and rv (recreation vehicle) hire in Frankfurt is the ideal way to travel inside the city and also in suburban areas to enjoy sightseeing and camping.

Be careful about speeding, the hidden cameras are installed everywhere. Illegally parked vehicles are towed away by municipality trucks. You can find “park-and-ride” area near intercity train lines, where you can park your campervan and take trains. The blue “P” symbol means, you can park your vehicle there.

So, plan a trip to Frankfurt today and enjoy the delicacies and opportunities for camping, shopping and sightseeing here with motorhome hire.

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