For your freedom camping trip, a motorhome hire & campervan rental is an excellent idea to experience a great camping trip with friends or family. With a motorhome or a campervan, you can travel as per your leisure and not be devoid of any comforts and amenities that you would otherwise find in a hotel or in your home. OnRoadCampervan is a popular name in Lisbon when it comes to renting motorhomes, of any shape or dimensions. We have an exhaustive range of campervans rental so you can easily pick one that caters to your travel needs and other specific needs, if any. All our motorhomes are equipped with basic facilities lie shower, kitchen unit and toilet facility.

If you are wondering where to go for an exciting motorhome holiday with your friends or family, then Lisbon is an excellent choice for your next camping trip.

Campervan & Motorhome Rental Holidays Tours in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon – A Place Full of Surprises & Worth Exploring

Lisbon is the capital city of the European country of Portugal and a major hub for majority of travelers who arrive in Portugal. Lisbon is also an exciting and a famous destination for self-touring enthusiasts as you can find many motorhome and campervan drivers exploring this beautiful city. We provide you with your choice of a campervan hire to explore Lisbon so you are never really inconvenienced at any point during the trip.

Fun Campervan Campsites in Lisbon

When you go camping in Lisbon, there are several exciting places and towns to discover. One of them is the Porto city. Porto city is home to some stunning architectural sights and buildings. In Porto, you can even choose to get lost in the warren of its beautiful streets and even visit the popular Se Porto. Se Porto’s cloisters are embellished with handmade tiles, which look absolutely beautiful. Another exciting place to discover is the Ponte Dom Luis. Ponte Dom Luis presents itself as an incredible engineering marvel. This bridge rests over a steep gorge and offers visitors some stunning views of Porto city.

Several RV drivers coming to Lisbon look ahead for a memorable beach holiday. Though Algarve is the most popular beach here, there are several others to explore when you drive campervan south and visit the mesmerizing Alentejo region. Here, you are bound to be awestruck by the walled towns and mighty and magnificent castles. Heading north from Lisbon, you can pass through breathtaking small historic towns. On the route, you can stop at Historic Centres of Porto and the Guimaraes, Roman Evora and the medieval Coimbra.

Campervan Rental Routes or Drives in Lisbon

Southwest tour: is a famous campervan hire drive that will take you south through the coast of Costa de Caparica even as you travel further north and pass the beautiful Tejo Valley. Heading south, you pass through the equally stunning Estirol Coast and head back to the city. You can spend a night or two at the pristine Tejp River at the campsite of Parque de Campismo de Escaroupim or choose to soak in the coast’s beauty staying at Campsite Peniche Praia.

Lisbon to Porto: is a less popular, albeit one of the most breathtaking route to take. You pass highway A1 and skip the coastal route. On this route, you can find the Conimbriga ruins staying at the Parque Munic de Campismo de Penecova campsite even as you explore Porot city staying at Campsite Campidouro.

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