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If you plan to go on freedom camping and are planning for a long camping vacation in a place like Rotterdam, then you only have to look for a good and a well-equipped motorhome hire & campervan rental. Indeed, when you hire a campervan for your camping trip, you are never to be inconvenienced at any point during the journey since the motorhome comes with all amenities that you would only find in a hotel or your home. OnRoadCampervan is a leading name for motorhome, campervan or RV hiring and we provide you with an extensive range of different kinds of recreational vehicles so you can easily choose one that suits your travel requirements, budget and other specific requirements of individual members who will be camping with you.

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Campervan & Motorhome Rental Holidays Tours Rotterdam in Netherlands

Rotterdam– Manhattan on the Mass!

Rotterdam in Netherlands is an excellent choice of a destination if you wish to go freedom camping. Rotterdam happens to be a lively and a vibrant city with some beautiful architecture, countless museums and beautiful art galleries and some amazing shopping arenas. In the entire world, Rotterdam is popular as one of the largest ports. Rotterdam has a history of around 650 years and yet remains one of the trendiest places to explore.

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Where to Park Campervan & Motorhome Rental in Rotterdam

When you plan to go camping in Rotterdam, there are several places to stop by and explore as a part of your camping trip. Netherlands is comparatively small region. Thus, most of the campervan road trips here usually are of an hour or so. Rotterdam is one of those gems of a place that you explore on your road trip. Yes, Rotterdam may not boast of some remarkable scenic delights that you would otherwise find in any other part of Europe, but what it is lacking in open spaces and lush hills, it makes it up for its beautiful seashores and thus, remains one of the most favorite places for RV enthusiasts to explore.

Most Recommended Campervan & Motorhome Drives From Rotterdam

There are countless places to explore in Rotterdam, its small size notwithstanding. You can begin the trip in Rotterdam, largest seaports in Europe. For art lovers, there are several museums and art galleries to visit. In these art galleries, you can find art pieces belonging to 14th century and onwards and can find various art works from Dali, Rembrand and Van Eyk. You can spend one or two nights in Delft and then spend another day or two to explore this are popular for its stunning white and blue pottery.

Cheese city: Yes, that’s the name of the city in Rotterdam. Gouda Cheese, manufactured in Gouda town is something which you have to indulge in when you are in Rotterdam. Thursday is the market day and you can find abundant Gouda cheese. More than 100 farmers arrive in this beautiful town and sell this mouth-watering cheese.

Visit Utrecht: As you move ahead of Gouda with motorhome hire, you head towards to Utrecht, popular for its beautiful art, which ranges from comic to religious. On the route, you can pass through Rembrant’s birthplace, Leiden. This quaint town is a quintessential exemplar of an old-world town with some arresting architecture and canals.

Travel to The Hague: As you exit the town of Utrecht, drive campervan rental towards The Hague. This is where the royal family of Netherland resides and is also where the Dutch government office is located.

Come and enjoy the true sense of the historic & contemporary culture of Rotterdam with us!

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